SunDay Is More
Than Just Your Everyday
UV Index Monitor
Customizable settings let you input your clothing and SPF to curate the best results and calculations for your vitamin-D intake
  • Tracking on the go, wherever you are
    With its Easy-to-Wear design and smart sun-tracking system, you can tally your steps and track the sun, even in the cloudiest of weather. Just throw SunDay around your neck, and let it do the rest.
  • Tally Supplements. Add totals. Own your Health.
    Whether it’s a multivitamin gummy, or a prescribed vitamin-D supplement, adding extra intake is simple and easy. Obtain exact results on your vitamin-D intake, and get notified on when you need your next dose.
  • Convenience without the internet
    Compatible on Android and iOS, SunDay seamlessly syncs to the app via Bluetooth. Campin-out or stuck in the middle of nowhere, rest assured that SunDay is by your side. That’s right, no signal, no problem.
  • Power to take on the sun
    Simple and effective charging system that powers your SunDay and other devices as well. Packed with 48hrs of active use power and 20 days of standby charge, you’ll have the energy to go wherever you need.
Health in 3 classy color options
Available styles:
Quartz with onyx or obsidian texture.
Plastic with carbon, rose gold or white texture.
Length - 27mm / 1.063'
Thickness - 7 mm / 0.28'
A universal charger and powerbank for all your tech devices
10 charging cycles for Necklace
Necklace charging: 2h 30m
USB type C for charging
Wireless charging
Magnetic contacts for Necklace
USB type A for tech devices
Taking SunDay Anywhere Is Easy…
$79 $131
Health on your terms
Boost immune system. Prevent Vitamin D insufficiency.
Create more reasons to spend time outdoors. Overall healthier lifestyle
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