SunDay Necklace
Instantly Track
Your Sun Exposure
Instantly Track Your Sun Exposure
How it works
Fashionable and hassle free UV Scanner
A necklace like no other, SunDay will calculate and track your vitamin-D intake and help you achieve your health goals.
  • Boost Immunity
  • Track Progress
  • Measure Easily
  • Avoid Sunburn
  • No Wifi Needed
Personalized protection for the whole family
Beach day, walk, rain or shine, you’ll never have to worry about you or your child being under or over-exposed. With an intensity calculator, the app gives you an accurate indicator of how long you, or your child should be in the sun
You're in control with the SunDay App
SunDay's smart algorithms take into account even the slightest UV index changes, so you can focus on the important.
Set & Reach your health goals with the SunDay App
Build healthier habits and track your progress, viewing your vitamin-D intake history with every step. Everything you need to be a better you, from your necklace right to your phone.
Vitamin D Tracking Made Easy
Own Your Vitamin D Intake. Prevent Future Sunburns. Keep Track Of Your Child’s Health
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